This post focuses on the review of the movie, ABATTOIR, by Victoria Ibiloye.  The third season was released and the episodes show on YouTube every Sunday afternoon.

If you have been seeing the movie from its maiden season, you will attest to the fact that it contains a wide range of spiritual lessons. This movie, no doubt, also explores the depths of creativity in scenery, set deigns, plot, twists, etc.

I’ll like to share few lessons drawn from this instructive movie. I’ll also share salient observations from the episodes that have been released. Follow me closely. The first one is;


Abattoir depicts absolutely nothing short of excellence. I have seen many Mount Zion movies and I can tell you that Abattoir is full expression of EXCELLENCE. From the plot to the cast, sound, the settings, the dialogue, the rhymes, it is top notch.


The world is particularly drawn to creativity. Creativity thrives in the present times. Thus, the recent Abattoir episodes have been screaming CREATIVITY. This is evident with how Evangelist Damilola Mike Bamiloye depicts top tier creativity with scriptwriting, the crew also delivered the best of the best. The movie features clean and sleek pictures, smooth editing, nice costumes and makeup.

We had scenes with funny dialogue, the facial expressions of the cast was everything too.


Baba Gbenro is still my all time favorite (I’m allowed to have my favourite) I have come to the conclusion that you can not separate Mount Zion and creativity. They own this creativity with their chest abeg.



If you are familiar with Mount Zion movies, you will discover that they pay attention to details. Every scene was spot on and every element for each scene was perfect.

Should we talk about Episode one where Martins Father was revealed?  We saw the burnt marks on his body and in places that it can be seen. I have watched quite a lot of movies and I see a fire survivor with a fresh glowing skin after spending few weeks in the hospital.

The cult meeting scene and Rambo’s den looks so real that you could have believed it was so real. They pay attention to every scene and they give it their all to bring these scenes to live.




There is no doubt that from season one, we have been fed with lots of RHEMAS. God bless Evangelist Damilola Mike-Bamiloye for staying with God and drawing from the well of inspiration. The words in Abattoir have been a source of encouragement for many people, it has brought a lot of people back to their feet with Jesus. Every episode is packed with lots of words from God that makes you pray while you are still watching the movie. The movie is very instructive and timely.

A lawyer said in Episode Five that “If you want God to step in, you have to step back” if  I am to interpret this in Yoruba it means that ‘Iwo ati olorun o le wo sokoto kana’ one person has to step back! Did you feel that?


Now, I will talk about the shocking and interesting things in season 3

  1. JayMikee’s welcome video has changed and I love every bit of it mehn(I am allowed to say ‘mehn’ right? Even my Daddy G.O said ‘mehn’ in his last sermon.
  2. We saw a new and refreshed MARTINS in episode one. He declared God’s promises over himself and went out confidently with these words as his anchor. Interesting right?
  3. New characters have been introduced in the movie, and the intriguing part of these new characters is that they have their various secret agendas, hmmm…
  4. We have a new BOSS in town now. Oga Rambo
  5. Let me reveal a shocking secret to you Chief Sanya has been demoted ooo!
  6. Did I tell you that something big has been happening in Flora’s life?
  7. Did I also tell you that Baba Gbenro is now a wonderful cook, who always had Lot’s wife playing around him in the kitchen. I didn’t mean to laugh dear.

You don’t want me to give you lots and lots of spoilers. Rush to YouTube now! Go and watch the amazing, suspense filled episodes on Damilola Mike. Bamiloye’s channel. https://youtube.com/channel/UCGyPHwlkRV_Ai7aLRXpXJow This is the link to the channel. Be aware that while you’re watching, you may find yourself crying, it is important that you start praying in between. The movie is great and suspense filled and you might be glued to your sit for minutes because you cannot tell what is going to happen next. This movie and particular season is filled with lots of suspense and surprises.